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Life+Gear's GLOW Flashlight is the ultimate water resistant flashlight for everyday use. AA Alkaline batteries included.


Life+Gear’s GLOW Flashlight is the ultimate water resistant flashlight for everyday use.

Read maps, signal your friends, or light up your path with this multi-function flashlight that also glows and flashes. Not only will you feel comforted by the reliability of this bright LED light, but you can also use the handle for storing keys, bandages, or money. Just twist to open.

Simply press the button with your thumb to turn on the light, and press again to access the other 4 light modes, from glow mode to flasher mode to see and be seen.

Should the flashlight fall overboard, it automatically turns on and floats for quick retrieval.

Available colors:

  • Red/Red
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Sky

Be safe, be seen with Life+Gear.

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  • 400 hr Glow Light
  • Emergency Flasher Mode
  • LED Flashlight
  • Storage Compartment
  • Waterproof
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- Patented technology
- 4 light modes -- LED flashlight, glow mode with LED flashlight, glow mode, and flasher mode
- Water resistant!
- Turns on automatically when submerged in water
- Storage compartment in handle
- 400 hours of light in flasher mode
- 3 Safety signaling options
- Emergency flasher
- One-hand operation
- 3 AA batteries included
- 8 inches tall

See and be seen!
On the street
While walking or jogging
In parking lots
At a campground
In the rain
On a boat dock
In the wilderness
While boating

A potential lifesaver when:
The power fails
Signaling for help
Boating or fishing
Working or playing around water
During a flood

Useful every day:
Read a book or map
See the lock
Kayaking, boating, fishing
Looking in dark areas
Find something in your bag

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