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LED Headlamps In emergency situations, it’s important to see where you’re going and to be seen by others, but many lighting solutions leave you without the use of your hands. Headlamps ensure hands-free operation, whether you’re fixing your car, walking the dog, going for a run, or otherwise need to use your hands. Life Gear offers an LED headlamp for all your needs, ensuring a durable design and plenty of lumens to light your path. Life Gear LED Headlamp The best headlamp delivers excellent illumination in a lightweight, comfortable, and rugged frame. Life Gear’s headlamps offer all that and more. Our headlamps use advanced LED technology, ensuring efficient lighting that requires less power to keep your light burning bright for several hours of use. Our basic headlamp offers six lighting modes, including beams that shine at 40 and 80 lumens, an emergency flasher mode, an SOS flashing mode, and a red LED mode to help you preserve your night vision. Our Pro series headlamp uses Cree LED technology for maximum efficiency and illumination, shining at up to 160 lumens. This makes it the brightest headlamp in our selection. In fact, the Cree headlamp allows you to be seen up to a quarter of a mile away. Each headlamp comes with a detachable and adjustable elastic band to provide a secure, comfortable fit. Durable materials keep these headlamps resistant to water and impact, ensuring reliable operation even in rugged conditions or inclement weather. The compact design allows for easy packing in any hiking pack or emergency kit. Why Choose Life Gear? Life Gear was founded with a dedication to hands-on development of lights and accessories that could be used in survival situations and everyday adventures. Whether you need a new running headlamp or want to outfit your emergency preparedness kit with plenty of potential light sources, we’re here to give you the best, brightest, and most durable solution on the market. If you have questions about a particular LED headlamp, give us a call at (800) 894-6213 or email us at Browse our current selection of headlamps for your favorite hands-free lighting solution.