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From camping and hiking to general disaster preparedness, Life Gear’s Wings of Life survival kit equips you with all the supplies you need to rest easy wherever you go. This emergency preparedness kit is contained in a fully functional backpack designed for your complete ergonomic comfort with adjustable straps, multiple storage pockets, and lightweight, water-resistant material. It’s comfortable enough to use in your everyday, and with durable construction to guarantee long use, the Life Gear emergency kit will stay strong even through the toughest of conditions.

Inside each Life Gear survival bag, you’ll find everything you need to survive and thrive, including a first-aid kit, hygiene kit, respirator mask, respirator mask, emergency flashlight, multi-tool, poncho or thermal blanket, pen and writing pad, waterproof document bag, signaling mirror, and a combination whistle, compass, and magnifying glass. Each emergency go bag also features a three-day supply of food and water with a five-year shelf life. Keep this everyday carry bag somewhere safe for earthquakes, hurricanes, and other emergencies, or bring it along with you on hikes and camping trips for added peace of mind.

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Includes these emergency supplies!
- 3-Day supply of food for 1-person (5-year shelf life)
- 3-Day supply of water for 1-person (5-year shelf life)
- All weather poncho
- Thermal blanket
- Hygiene kit
- First aid kit
- Writing pad and pen
- Signaling whistle
- Directional compass
- Magnifying glass
- Leather/cloth gloves
- Respiratory mask
- Red emergency flasher
- Multi-function tool
- Waterproof document bag
- Signaling mirror


Prepare for Life! Keep your Wing’s of Life Backpack stored:
At schools for students, teachers, and administrators
At work
In the car
At home for each family member
In your camping gear
In your motor home
On your boat

Add to your backpack’s pockets:
Important contact names, addresses, and phone numbers
Photos of the family
Copies of IDs
Supplies for your pets
Travel games for the kids
Coloring book, crayons
Deck of cards, books
Other personal items, such as lotion, mints, lip balm, and hair clips



  • -Water resistant backpack with multiple storage pockets & sleeves
  • - Wings of Life open up for additional pockets and storage
  • - Designed for everyday use
  • - Lightweight design
  • - Multi-function tool sleeve
  • - Ergonomically designed for children and adults
  • - See through pockets for quick access to items
  • - Two side pockets for additional storage
  • - Durable construction for long life



  • - 3-Day supply of food 1-person (5yr Shelf life)
  • - 3-Day supply of water 1-person (5yr Shelf life)
  • - Poncho/Thermal blanket
  • - Hygiene kit
  • - First aid kit
  • - Writing pad and pen
  • - Signaling whistle/directional compass/magnifying glass
  • - Leather/cloth gloves
  • - Respirator mask
  • - Red emergency flashing light
  • - Multi-function tool
  • - Waterproof document bag
  • - Signaling mirror


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