How to Prepare for a Flood

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Floods come in all forms, shapes, speeds and sizes. As the number one most common hazard in the US, many people have experienced or heard of a flood in some degree, close to home.


The scary truth about floods is that some can form in just a matter of minutes, in what is called a “flash flood.” Flash floods can be caused from rainstorms, levee or dam breaks, or a sudden release of water from a blockage. Other floods can be caused from within the home from situations like a water pipe breakage. Because little to no warning is given in the instance of a flood, it is important to be prepared ahead of time.




To Prepare Before a Flood


-Have an emergency kit ready for each family member, in case you lose power or have to evacuate.


-Prepare a Family Communication Plan, so the entire family knows exactly what to do in the instance of an event like a flood.


-Have sandbags (like these easy to store sandless sandbags) in your storage that can easily be used outside doors and around your property.


-If buying, building or renting, try to avoid finding a home in a location where it is in a low ground area.


-Locate your electrical breaker and know how to quickly turn off your electricity in the case of a flood to avoid electrocution.


-Elevate your furnace, water heater and electric panel.


Be safe. Be prepared. 


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