1 person food and water for 72 hours. 5 yr shelf life
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- 3-Day supply of food for one person
  (24 oz. food ration / 9 x 400 calorie bars 3 x food bars per person per day)
- 3-Day supply of water for one person
  (6 x water packets / 4.225 fl. oz. each 2 x water packets per person per day)
- One Personal Thermal Blanket:
  Retains up to 90% of body heat
- 5-Year Shelf Life


Be prepared in an emergency
Have food and clean water for 3 days until you are rescued or the situation is under control
Have peace of mind you can feed your family if you are suddenly cut off from resources
Keep copies of important documents in one convenient and portable place
Stash one in your office, house, motor home, car, and boat



  • - 72 Hour survival kit
  • - Includes 72 hour
  • - 3-day supply of food (5yr Shelf life)


For one person:

  • - 9 Bars/400 Calories (ea.)
  • - 3 x Food bars per day
  • - Includes 72 hour/3-day water supply


For one person:

  • - 6 X Water packets/4.225 Fl. Oz. Each 2 x water packets per day
  • - Compact, Eco-friendly box includes one personal thermal blanket: retains up to 90% of body heat. (Reusable and waterproof)