New Fire Safety Night Lights

Your House is on Fire.
Can a Night Light Save Your Life?

New Night Lights Show you the Path to Safety if There's a Fire


September 26, 2013
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Del Mar, California -- Life+Gear, the recognized name in emergency and safety preparedness announces the debut, during National Fire Prevention Week, of a revolutionary and ingenious new product that can save countless lives by helping people escape house fires.  It’s called the “Fire Safety Night Light” (FSNL), an everyday night light that becomes a bright and powerful source of light when activated by the sound of a smoke detector -- lighting the way to safety from a burning home filled with thick, blinding and potentially deadly smoke.


According to the United States Fire Administration, smoke kills more people than flames in house fires, and asphyxiation is the leading cause of these deaths — exceeding burns by three-to-one.   Most people assume it's very bright inside a burning home or business, but after a short burst of light, fire can actually produce thick smoke that results in near total darkness.  It takes only minutes for a burning house to fill with smoke.  Breathing even the slightest amount of smoke and poisonous gasses can quickly cause drowsiness, shortness of breath, disorientation and loss of consciousness.


“Many people succumb to the black smoke while in a panic trying to see their way out,” said David Paulison, former director of FEMA.  “They become disoriented and literally can’t find the door in their own home.”


The Fire Safety Night Light is an ordinary night most of the time, but it reacts almost instantly to the sound of a smoke detector by producing a potentially life saving bright light to help show the way out. Since smoke rises, the only breathable air is down low, near the floor.  With the Fire Safety Night Light plugged into a low wall socket, the bright light shines where the air is relatively clear, lighting the way to safety and significantly increasing chances of survival.



“The Fire Safety Night Light is nearly as important a fire survival tool as the smoke detector and should be mandatory in all homes and businesses,” said Tracy Koslowski, national fire educator of the year.  “It’s one thing to be alerted or awakened by the smoke detector, it’s quite another to get out alive.”


Your smoke detector is only half of the survival story.  It alerts you by sound that there is a fire.  The Fire Safety Night Light helps you see your way out.


According to Dave Paulison, former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and past president of the International Association of Fire Fighters, “most people just don’t realize how pitch black it is inside a burning house. Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable... When my grandchildren come to spend the night with us, I always plug in extra night lights for them, usually one in every room. The Fire Safety Night Light will quickly turn into a life saving area light, and it certainly adds a great deal of comfort knowing that we have dramatically increased our family’s fire preparedness.”


The Fire Safety Night Light is available exclusively at all Home Depot stores across the country.


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Life+Gear's innovative and proprietary products are durable, environmentally friendly and are not only helpful in preparing for or assisting in an emergency, they are also convenient and fun when you're traveling, boating, hiking, camping or at work.


With Life+Gear, you'll feel more secure about protecting you and your family wherever you go with the wide variety of emergency and disaster preparedness products and kits.  Whether preparing for or responding to an emergency, Life+Gear's reliable and high-quality products give individuals assurance that they are prepared for unexpected events.

Life+Gear Night Light Retailers

While the Fire Safety Night Light will be found exclusively at Home Depot stores and on, you can find all other Life+Gear products at many of the top national retailers, including Home Depot, WalMart, Target, Ace Hardware, Radio Shack, Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, Sports Authority, Dicks, Meijer, Kroger, Fred Meyer and many more.

What are Life+Gear's Fire Safety SOLUTIONS?

We'll be releasing new solutions rapidly over the coming months.  In the meantime, take a look at our Fire Safety Night Lights.

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